Rise of the Runelords

In the meantime...

The original adventuring party was lost, except for one surviror – Velos. Scrod and Mastero Giovani smashed up Vorvashali Voon’s shop and were recruited by Belor Hemlock in order to repay the debt. Velos offered to be their guide.

They led a covert assault on the goblin base at Thistletop and stopped Nualia Tobyn, who was responsible for many of the recent raids on Sandpoint. She was attempting to turn herself into a demon and summon a being called Malfeshnekor to aid in burning the town as a sacrifice.

During the assault Tyrone Bygums, a monk, was rescued from Thistletop. He had been captured while searching for tomes of his order that were stolen by goblins. Nualia’s plans were thwarted and the heroes were enjoying some much needed rest when Hemlock informs them of a murder most foul…



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