Rise of the Runelords

Local Heroes (?)

The party went boar hunting with Aldern Foxglove, who suggested a group name should they be together in the long run. No name was decided upon at that time. He expressed interest in becoming and adventurer, but was more of a liability.

After the hunt, Ameiko cooked the boar at the Rusty Dragon and much drinking ensued. Shayliss Vinder approached Velos about a rat problem at the General Store. He declined to help but Chartreuse decided to follow her to investigate. Lonjiku Kaijitsu entered the inn looking for his daughter and accused the party of “ill advised antics” against the goblins. They denied the alegations but then Chartreuse busted in with candy and orc-pornos he had shoplifted from the General Store. Ven and Shayliss Vender entered the inn shortly after and announced the culprit, supporting Lonjiku’s complaint. Buck grabbed Lonjiku in an attempt to stop him from dragging Ameiko out of the Inn by her hair. Lonjiku fell to the ground and then left the tavern, disowning his daughter.

A frustrated Belor Hemlock advised the party they could be of great use to Sandpoint, but if they kept causing trouble, there would be consequences. Fig was successful at calming him down.

The party assisted the Barrett family with a terrible goblin assault, but could not save Aldergast Barrett. Gresgurt, the goblin in question, was captured and said he could identify the “longshanks” who organized the raid. He was placed in a cell at Sandpoint Garison.

Shalelu Andosana provided goblin tribe information and Brodert Quink mentioned the ancient Thassilon Empire.

The following morning as the party was putting their plan in motion to find the traitor, Ameiko was missing and the party discovered a mysterious note from her brother, Tsuto…



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