Jargie Quinn

Male Human (Varisian) Rogue / Expert


Fond of spinning yarns about Old Murdermaw, and the strange things fishermen sometimes pull up in their nets in the Varisian Gulf (Thassilon artifacts)

is a gregarious one-legged man, and the owner of The Hagfish. His affection toward Norah is well known, as is his skill at the popular game of yarning; the man’s favorite starting point for his tall tales is the ever-changing story of how he lost his leg.

The Hagfish is a wooden building built on a series of piers over the Sandpoint Harbor. Within the tavern, a large glass aquarium sits behind the bar and holds Norah, the hagfish for which tavern earns its name. Due to the nature of the hagfish, and the lack of cleaning Jargie purposefully maintains within the tank, the aquarium is thick with extremely slimy and foul-tasting water. A large leather pouch bulging with coins hangs from a nail next to the tank, and the ceiling beams above bear a number of names carved into them.


Jargie Quinn

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